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Construction Project Management Services

Dtechline Home Design Inc is a well-established, full-service architecture firm that offers sound and streamlined construction project management. Together, our diverse architectural team will steward your new-build from concept to completion.

To learn more about our practice’s construction expertise, please contact us at (647) 968-3358.

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Construction Project Management

Architectural Project Managers

We’re a licensed, full-service architectural firm offering a perfect balance of design creativity and administration diligence. When our staff takes on a project, we see it through to completion on-time and on-budget. From beginning to end, we work in close relation to civil and structural engineers, contractors, and other tradespeople. We split our time in-office and on the field to ensure every square foot of our design is built to code and our clients’ complete satisfaction.

We’re one of the few firms to offer an integrated construction process where our architectural staff plays an integral role in supervising the construction of our designs. Our stable, ongoing presence throughout construction is crucial to delivering a building within your time frame and budgetary constraints.

Consult with Our Architects

We’re extremely detail-oriented when accepting new projects as we seek to establish strong client relationships before we begin anything new. When you come to us with an inquiry, we’ll engage you in a thoughtful dialogue that covers the full scope of your new build. We’ll leave no topic unaddressed as we’re adamant that the finished product of our work meets structural, safety, zoning, environmental, and aesthetic standards for excellence.

We invite you to schedule a consultation with our professionals in-person. We’d love the chance to meet you, discuss your new build’s prospects, and show you our portfolio of work.

Based on our discussion, we can begin to put together a cost estimate for your consideration. This estimate will be refined and become more detailed and accurate as we progress through each stage of pre-construction planning.

Architect-Led Construction Project Management Services

Instead of merely overseeing the bidding process, our architects take the reigns by selecting bidders and assembling highly skilled construction crews. We make sure to collaborate with our clients during this process and make sure the client fully approves each selection.

Throughout construction, we’ll consult with these professionals on-site regularly to achieve our unified goal of a timely, affordable new build. As we’ve designed the blueprint in-house, we’re uniquely positioned to manage issues that arise and modify plans as needed.

Communicative Construction Management Company

As a firm, we place an enormous emphasis on communication. Every day, we’re in touch with engineers, we’re interacting with contractors, and we’re liaising with construction personnel. Additionally, we act as a proactive intermediary between you and the contracting team, keeping you up to date with regular building progress reports. We leverage superior interpersonal skills to coordinate and collaborate with every individual involved in your project.

A Premier Construction Project Management Company

Secure a smooth project delivery by partnering with an architecture firm well-versed in construction management. Dtechline Home Design Inc is that firm, offering comprehensive construction administration for residential and commercial projects.

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