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Building Code Analysis

Analyzing and applying building codes to your construction project is one of the most critical roles we play as architects. Building codes exist to protect people and property, and they are essential to every building project, no matter its size or nature.

While some building codes are international, most are modified based on your specific jurisdiction. It’s important to have a nuanced understand of your local regulations before the project gets underway, and that’s where Dtechline Home Design Inc comes in.

Our team is proud to offer our clients in-depth code reviews to ensure their building projects go off without a hitch. If you’re ready to get started, we invite you to contact our expert team at your convenience.

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Building Code Analysis

Trust Our Architects for a Thorough Building Code Review

Over the years, our team has broken down our code review process into several steps, we will consider:

Occupancy Classification

Essentially, the occupancy classification outlines how the building will be used. Hospitals and factories, for example, have very different functions and will require different approaches to safety.


Location determines where the building will be situated on your property and its safety in this location.

Construction Type

The construction type determines how the project will be built, the kind of materials that will be used, and the risks these methods and materials pose to the structure itself.


While not all buildings require the use of sprinklers, they are often the cheapest way to help your facility meet fire safety codes. Thinking about sprinklers and installing them from the get-go is also recommended to save time and money.

Floor Area

The allowable square footage that the building code allows.

Means of Egress

Once the abovementioned factors have been considered, it is the architect’s job to develop a safe pathway out of the building, or several depending on how many people will be using the space.

Apply all Necessary Building Codes to Your Project with Our Experts

Our team has years of extensive experience dealing with building codes. We will ensure that no detail is overlooked when planning the safety of your building so you can avoid penalties and the many ramifications that come from poor construction efforts.

Ensure a Successful Building Project by Adhering to Building Codes

Once the code has been reviewed, the planning process can really begin. Our experts will ensure that all necessary installations are made and that the code plans are followed through until the end of your project.

Save Money by Focusing on Code from the Get-Go

Overlooking building codes will only cost you money in the long run. The moment an inspector steps foot on your property, you’ll be forced to invest in safety measures you should have from the start. With our team in your corner, we’ll help you avoid the need for retrofitting and save you money down the road.

Contact Our Architects to Get Started on Your Building Code Analysis

If you’re at the onset of a building project, don’t overlook your building code. Contact Dtechline Home Design Inc to get a detailed analysis and complete a successful project.

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