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Architectural Design Development

Dtechline Home Design Inc provides strategic, budget-conscious, and forward-thinking design development services. We collaborate with our clients to conduct product selections and finalize plans. We coordinate with consultants, engineers, and other professionals to facilitate a smooth construction phase.

To learn more about our architectural firm and what we can do for you, give our office a call at (647) 968-3358.

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Architectural Design Development

What Is Design Development?

Design development (DD) takes the schematic design (SD) one step further. Our architects take your input from the SD phase and translate it into a more detailed building plan. Within design development, we make final selections on specific products and furnishings, while preliminary engineering begins on the building’s various systems.

By the end of the design development stage, you will have a fully-fleshed blueprint ready to submit for permits and begin the bidding process.

Architect-Directed Product Selection

A significant portion of design development is working with the client to make product selections. Our architects offer a pragmatic perspective during this task, and our guidance ensures that the project budget stays on track.

Allow us to assist you in exploring all the amenities available to you. More than that, allow us to help you analyze each one’s longevity, energy efficiency, value, and beauty. In design development, you can expect to give the final say on:

  • Flooring
  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Appliances
  • And more

This is an exciting time where you have free reign to add your personal flair to all these features. We’ll work closely with you to make sure every choice is judicious and will serve your best interests well into the future.

Interior Design Development

Bringing Details into Focus

Whatever details were lacking in the schematic design will be thoroughly addressed during design development. We go over our interior design with you to make sure everything from the entryway to the guest powder room gets your full stamp of approval.

At our firm, we like to think of design development as a focusing lens on a camera. At this stage, vague concepts are pulled into focus to reveal the details within. In DD, you work closely with the architect to identify and weed out potential flaws until only a robust design remains.

Upon DD completion, you’ll have a perfected:

  • Floor plan
  • Elevation plan
  • Section drawings with dimensions

With these documents solidified and in place, we shift our focus to the exciting task of construction.

Coordinating Building Systems

A Firm Run on Superior Coordination

Design development is an intersecting point for many different professionals. Your architect plays an integral role in coordinating all spheres of your new-build, including:

  • Structural systems
  • Mechanical systems
  • Electrical systems

By bringing these elements together, your building fits together like pieces of a puzzle. Our firm acts as a reliable liaison for consultants and engineers to keep everyone working together cohesively.

Speak with an Architect

Dtechline Home Design Inc is available for design development projects of all scopes and sizes. We bring a practical, economical, and forward-thinking mindset to the table while tapping into the client’s creative vision to finalize all design details to perfection.

Speak with one of our architects—dial our number today.

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