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As a designing, drafting,consulting and construction team, we strive to provide personalized, one-on-one service for each of our clients. We will spend the time with each customer to find out what their unique wants and desires are for that new home, renovation project, construction.


Our service is personal and we give attention to all the design details during every aspect of the building project.  Having worked in the industry for more than 15 years. We have a vast knowledge base to glean on.



The Design Process


1. Initial Design Meeting


All those pictures and magazine articles that you have saved for months are welcome to "Show and Tell". Home design criteria are established at this meeting. The layout, square footage, style and many materials such as brick, stucco and stone are discussed in addition to site considerations and the owner's lifestyle.


2. Preliminary Design Meeting


About three weeks have passed since your initial design meeting. The presentation of the preliminary design is welcomed with much anticipation. At this meeting, the layout of the home is apparent including 1/4" scale drawings of each floor, front elevation and room dimensions. The prioritized design criterion is reviewed (after all preliminary zoning by laws have been obtained for such building).


3. Preliminary Design Review & Revisions


It's been a few weeks since the preliminary design meeting. Your plans are slightly worn from your discussions with friends and family. Changes are discussed, revisions and consequences for changes to the plan are reviewed. Keep what you like and change what you don't! This is the most important meeting so far. Additional details are added after the preliminary design is agreed upon. Items added may include niches, ceiling details, window details and the location of that special painting in need of framing supports.


4. Preliminary Design Approval


If all goes well, your initials on the plan authorize us to proceed to working drawings. If not, return to step 3. Everyone's goal is to leave the meeting with an approved design that reflects the owner's wants and desires, fits on the home site and is within budget. Please remember that your builder should review the plans for budget proposals.


5. Working Drawings Review


It has only been a couple of weeks since our last meeting, but much progress has been made on your plans. At this meeting, all four elevations and detailed floor plans are reviewed. There should be no surprises, only additional documentation to your new home.


6. Final Completed Construction Drawings


All your hard work, decisions, meetings and labor of love for your new home are done. Final construction documents (blueprints) with all the construction details on how the home is built are viewable on each page of your set of plans. This is the conclusion of the design process. We hope you have enjoyed working with us or considering to work with us throughout this process. Thank you and good luck building your uniquely personal home.


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